5 Office Furniture Considerations

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Selecting office furniture for your company or project is no easy task. Office furniture is one of the most important features of the workplace. Good furniture choice can improve productivity, culture and bolster the identity of the company brand.

The Benchmark team have put together 5 things you should consider when it comes to office furniture to help you make a more informed choice!

1) Don’t overlook the ‘small things’

When you first start planning office furniture it’s very easy to only think about the ‘main’ furnishings like tables and desks and kitchenettes. These are all very important for a functioning office but underappreciated instalments are frequently essential for office productivity and organisation.

From reception areas to filing offices in an accountancy firm, being organised is an indispensable attribute of effective office management. Tidy, well-equipped spaces with ample storage will motivate your staff and create an organised and stress-free environment.

By incorporating storage options such as under-desk pedestals, storage units, cable management and bespoke unit housing, offices can increase proactivity and reduce workplace risks by complying with office health and safety regulations.

2) Budget

Office space is expensive, so you need to do as much as possible to fill it in a successful but cost-effective way. Price isn’t everything but it’s definitely a massive aspect. Sometimes it’s not about how much you spend but how you spend it. Office furniture should be an investment with long-term solutions in mind.

A key consideration when deciding on new furniture is to assess the quality, quantity and types of furniture your office requires. You will need to review the design, double-checking that the new furniture complements the interior, and always be aware of what your budget accommodates.

Projects that go over budget can directly affect financial stability. Poor initial cost estimates can also cause projects to take more time and money than initially planned.

At Benchmark Products, we work closely with our clients and work hard to learn about the specific requirements of each project. That way we can supply our clients with accurate timescales and pricing to ensure projects get completed on time and on budget.

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3) Creating a unique space

Whether your office space is modular or open plan, furniture says a lot about your company. Anyone can fill a room with some ordinary chairs and tables but going beyond that to compose a space that is unique to the business can improve your reputation and influence workplace productivity.

Office design is a valuable business investment. Now, more than ever, employees and clients are looking for something fresh and novel. The requirements of the workforce have changed and in oversaturated industries where ‘everyone has something to offer’, you need to stand out.

Bespoke furniture is a great way to inject personality and vision into an office environment. It can change the way people think about even the most ordinary of furniture such as desks and chairs. Bespoke furniture is also a great solution for storage as custom sizes can be designed and built to maximise office space.

4) Practicality and functionality

Beautiful and interesting workplaces make employees more productive. Low lighting, rows of bland cubicles and monotonous designs create environments that fail to inspire and stimulate. Investing in the mood of your office will change the overall mood and drive of your employees.

To achieve this mood you’ll need to find a balance between aesthetics, practicality and functionality. An office space that looks good is great, and does directly influence everyone that uses it, but offices are productive environments and should be designed as such.

One product that really shows off the combination of looks and functionality are storage and media walls. They are designed to support all presentational technology in a seamless, clean display. They maximise storage space, hide cabling and give conference rooms and meeting rooms a seamlessly integrated custom feature that workers can interact with.

Today’s office furniture needs to be multifaceted to keep up with the dynamic businesses and employees that use it. A desk may be a desk but little changes to it such as extra storage beneath or a unique size or shape can completely change the way someone works.

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5) Support 

Fitting out an office is a process and it does take time but the final reward can completely change the feel and look of a business. The results of good office design are unparalleled so you need a supplier that can make sure you get them.

Working in the education, healthcare, leisure and commercial sectors, Benchmark has a business built on excellence, attention to detail, affordability, and above all, honesty. These are the key indicators that mark us out as a name you can trust with your project.

Function, comfort and integration are at the heart of our design and we are dedicated to providing a personal, direct and honest service to make sure you know exactly what you can expect. We work closely with our clients to maximise their space and deliver a practical solution for storage and furniture within timescales and budgets.

Are you considering new office furniture for your workplace? Contact Benchmark Products on 01953 889 603 or email enquiries@benchmarkproducts.co.uk

This article was written by Dean Fryer, Estimator at Benchmark FF&E Solutions since 2012.

Dean at Benchmark Products

Passionate about the collaboration between sub-contractors on-site and a demonstrated history in assisting building contractors and architects with producing comprehensive and definitive schedules at pre-tender and pre-contract stage, Dean is an invaluable asset to Benchmark Products and contributes towards the end goal of perfect delivery every time.