Classroom Storage: What are the options?

Classroom Storage Walls with TV

Why is classroom storage necessary?

Many pieces make up the jigsaw of a successful classroom storage system. One of the most important pieces—one the jigsaw can’t be completed without—is organisation.

The word ‘organisation’ conjures up images of neat classrooms and strict guidelines but one of the key aspects of organisation is ensuring everything has a place. By maintaining the management of a classroom, teachers and students alike can allow classes to pass by smoothly. Effective classroom storage is one of the most productive ways of maintaining management in a classroom.

People often underestimate how much of an impact on the layout and design of a classroom can have on students but untidy environments lead to distraction, discomfort and overall lacklustre activity.

A classroom where everything has a place is not only more aesthetically inviting as surfaces can be kept clear and everything stored where it belongs, but it can also lead to increased efficiency as time won’t have to be wasted fumbling about.

Teachers don’t spend hours of their day planning lessons only to struggle to pull the class together because all the whiteboard pens have suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Classroom storage units are imperative for presentation and productivity. It can maximise space, time management and functionality. How? Simply by being a system designated to keeping objects where they need to be.

Multi-coloured Classroom Storage Walls

Types of storage 

The primary function of a storage system is to keep items packed away in an organised way. A successful classroom design will acknowledge that storage isn’t one dimensional and will incorporate varied systems to enhance diversity and storage possibilities.

Storage walls/Teaching walls

A storage wall is a specialist form of classroom storage for schools. It is a front of class storage solution that integrates standard classroom technology (interactive whiteboards and projectors) with storage nooks.

Teaching walls make classrooms more space-efficient. With a teaching wall, all essential materials can be dedicated to one wall which frees up the other three for using display boards and other items. Everything is put into one area, combining a front of class teaching unit with classroom storage access.

The positioning of a storage wall is also designed to increase focus and reduce distraction. By keeping objects in a neat position, the focus is tailored to the teaching technology and the central position of the staff member.

By working with a diverse furniture manufacturer, teaching walls can be designed to flow around the classroom and with bespoke design can be built around existing structural objects.

Display walls/shelves

Display walls and shelving units can be designed to become hubs of inspiration and learning. Depending on the requirements of the space, these units provide a neat method of combining visuals with organisations.

In libraries, shelves are essential for providing rows of books with an organised structure. In an art classroom, display walls can be used to showcase student creations and in maths, classrooms can be used as storage for workbooks or numeracy tools.

Benchmark has a wealth of experience in delivering FF&E for educational environments. From design to installation, we offer the whole package. A great example of this was when we provided new library furniture for Lee Chapel Primary School. Using our in-house manufacturing capability, we provided this school in Essex with all the furniture they needed to create a neat, organised library where students could learn and read in a positive environment.

Tray storage

Tray storage is used to maximise the space available and can be used in a variety of different classroom types. With colour co-ordination, specific drawers can be designated to individual requirements and labels can be adhered easily for identification.

Tray storage is functional for many age groups and can be adapted based on the needs of students and teachers. In primary schools, each tray can be personalised for a student to keep their own books and stationery packed away neatly. In a secondary school science lab or classroom, the equipment can be kept safely and neatly while being completely accessible.

Bag storage

Bag straps are an ultimate tripping hazard. Considering most will usually have two straps, they can entrap ankles like an enraged octopus. Stowing bags correctly is about neatness, security and safety.

With built-up systems, bags can be kept off the floor which makes a room more organised but also ensures suitable access for emergency routes if needed. With personal effects storage, students can grow to become more aware of their own belongings.

The classroom storage potentials are endless when you choose a furniture manufacturer that understands the importance of unique requirements. Benchmark Products offers bespoke services on classroom storage solutions to allow classrooms to be personalised the way our clients want them.

White Classroom Storage Walls

Benefits of storage walls 

Storage walls are designed to increase productivity and space in a classroom. They can be installed in any type of classroom and can be tailored to the specific needs of certain subjects.

With a multifaceted teaching wall, the system can become the heart of the room with many options and solutions being integrated into it. The mess can be kept to a minimum and student engagement increased by centralising the position of the educational tools and opening up space for the teacher to work from.

We understand that technology is being embraced more and more in learning environments. That’s why the central focal points become an interactive point for an active and engaging learning experience. Cables, sockets and hardware installation are all structured behind the units which further adds to the clutter-free qualities. It also makes it safer as students don’t have access.

Want the design to match the rest of your school brand or need the most aesthetic solution? Use Benchmark Products’ visualiser tool to compare and contrast colours to find the perfect design for your next project.

Classroom Sink Area and Storage

Choosing an FF&E Supplier for classroom storage 

Choosing the right FF&E supplier for your classroom storage re-fit ensures that your project is completed the way it was supposed to be. By choosing a company that manufactures bespoke solutions, every spacial and educational need can be incorporated to maximise productivity.

Benchmark Products work closely with our customers to make sure that their designs are met every single time. We believe in collaboration which is why we work closely alongside you to make sure every step goes smoothly.

With our in-house manufacturing service, we have more capabilities to create innovative designs and work strategically on problem-solving approaches. It also means we have 100% control over all stages of the process and can incorporate different and innovative materials into construction.

So if you have a school project with a focus on the increasing productivity and maximising storage, contact us on 01953 889 603 or email

This article was written by Dean Fryer, Estimator at Benchmark FF&E Solutions since 2012.


Passionate about the collaboration between sub-contractors on-site and a demonstrated history in assisting building contractors and architects with producing comprehensive and definitive schedules at pre-tender and pre-contract stage, Dean is an invaluable asset to Benchmark Products and contributes towards the end goal of perfect delivery every time.