Consideration Factors for Science Lab Furniture

Science lab furniture

Using only the most appropriate materials and fittings, we design, manufacture and install motivational science lab furniture for classrooms.

Science labs can be an expensive investment and a poor design will not only reflect badly on the school but will need to be replaced more often, which can become even more costly. Great care should be taken when it comes to designing school science lab furniture so the end result is a safe working environment for students and teachers.

At Benchmark Products, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and products and we are dedicated to providing a personal, direct and honest service, demonstrating our understanding of budget constraints, practicality, health and safety, durability, and sustainability.

students in school science lab

What is the purpose of science lab furniture?

Two of the most important skills students learn in school is problem-solving and critical thinking. Science lessons should aim to encourage students to develop inquisitive minds, which will enable them to not only solve problems and make informed decisions but learn more about the natural world.

With STEM subjects on the rise in schools, it’s now even more vital to ensure classrooms are designed to a very high-quality, including the lab furniture, to create an inspiring and engaging space for students to learn and do practical work.

Designed to withstand rigorous use, our science lab furniture has a long service life and can be made bespoke to suit different teaching styles and needs. We created this unique school lab furniture for Sidestrand Hall School which featured built-in power and data points and provided students with a captivating working environment.

Science lab furniture

What are the design factors to consider for science lab furniture?

Having a well-designed space will not only motivate students but will also show visitors and new students that the school cares about its facilities. There are many things to take into consideration when planning the design elements of your science lab furniture. These will help you create the ideal space for teaching and learning.

Colour plays an extremely important role in school furniture as the colours you choose have an effect on students and can help to stimulate them. Depending on the learning environment and students being taught, avoid the overuse of bright colours such as yellow or red as this can cause overstimulation, instead opt for cool tone colours to create a comfortable, calming atmosphere. Our visualiser tool allows you to mix and match different colours and finishes to help you find the ideal colour scheme.

You will also need to take into account how chemicals will affect the work surfaces. Choosing lighter colours will make it easier for students to see what is on their desks, meaning if there is an accident, cleaning the spillage won’t be as difficult. Darker surfaces will make it more difficult to see any chemical spills.

The classroom will need to accommodate both practical and theory lessons, with the furniture designed to perfectly fit the students’ needs. The theory area will need to consist of enough desk space for students to write comfortably, as well as a teaching area that should include a sink and power and data points to be able to successfully give demonstrations.

For a practical working space, preparation areas will need to be well spaced to give students room to work either individually or as part of a team. The layout of the furniture should allow students and teachers to walk through safely without the risk of trip hazards. Easy access to water, gas, and electricity is also important to be able to safely carry out experiments.

Science lab furniture

What are the functionality factors to consider for science lab furniture?

Design isn’t the only thing that needs to be considered for science lab furniture, the functionality also plays an important role.

When it comes to worksurfaces, choosing a highly durable and chemical resistant material such as Trespa Top Lab SGL or Velstone solid surfacing is recommended. Having a good quality worktop that is well maintained will result in years of service life. Make sure you choose carefully depending on your usage, how often you do practical work, and budget.

Providing suitable storage solutions for equipment and substances hazardous to health, which include chemicals, products containing chemicals, fumes, biological agents, gases and asphyxiating gases is essential. Spur-type adjustable shelving is one of the more popular options as it’s manufactured in the UK and is globally renowned for its strength, durability and longevity, making it perfect for science labs. This kind of shelving can be built in or freestanding depending on your needs and made specifically to your requirements.

FF&E is the perfect choice for school science labs as it is furniture that does not have a permanent fixture so can be easily moved for refurbishment or replacement. FF&E is often chosen for the education sector where organised, compact furniture is required.

Our science lab packages feature height-adjustable units, fume cupboard and docking points, bespoke designs to suit your needs, and gas and water taps. We work closely with you, the designer, the architect, and building contractors to be able to achieve the best workable solution and turn your visions into a reality.

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Science lab furniture

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