POPULAR SOLUTIONS: Adjustable (Spur-type) Shelving for Schools

Classroom Spur Shelving

Classroom storage is one of the most important functional design features to consider when performing a fit-out or refurb of any room in a facility in the education sector. The purpose and reward of good shelving solutions Spur Shelving are multi-faceted and can increase the welfare of children and teachers.

Not only does it functionally allow educators to keep their things organised but it also keeps the environment tidy and clear, an influential factor directly linked with a productive mind.

In this guide, we’ll outline why Spur-type Shelving has become so popular in schools and educational facilities and find out if the benefits are right for your next project.

What is Adjustable (Spur-type) Shelving?

Adjustable (Spur-type) Shelving is uniquely designed for maximum strength from a minimalistic construction. It’s fitted by slotting brackets into upright sections of metal and then placing the shelf atop the brackets.

As a result of Spur-type Shelving being a slot-in system rather than an anchored shelving solution, this shelving style is also adjustable and it’s simple to increase or decrease the height of the shelves.

Spur-type Shelving has traditionally been used for much smaller scale projects like storage in caravans and boats. These popular uses speak volumes about the capabilities of Spur Shelving to increase storage where there is limited space.

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Key benefits of Adjustable (Spur-type) Shelving for the education sector?

Fitted adjustable shelving makes adapting storage to the specifications of a room simple. Dependent on wall length, uprights can be fitted at intervals to run as long or short as the room allows. With the spurs, shelves and uprights all independent from one another, the freedom to design is readily available based on your requirements.

In the education sector, where there are lots of different styles of rooms, this means the same type of shelving can be used throughout for consistency but with adaptability for individual room types. Whether it’s a long wall in an art classroom to display student work or a small storage solution in a space-constricted office, Spur-type Shelving is spatially aware and can be used for both.

With the potential to adapt the layout so the uprights and spurs are closer to improve the weight-bearing ability, specific rooms can have their storage adjusted to hold heavier items safely.

As previously mentioned, Spur-type Shelving is also adjustable after its installation. Although the uprights will be secured to the wall, the spurs and shelving platforms can be moved around. This means that individual educators can make the room fit their storage needs.

What also makes Adjustable (Spur-type) Shelving so popular is that it is wall-mounted and open. Cupboards can be installed beneath the shelving to increase storage possibilities and in rooms such as food-tech classrooms, the necessary equipment can be stored close to preparation areas for easy access.

With adjustable height and visible storage, Twin-slot Shelving is also a very popular solution for libraries. Whereas other shelving may be great for libraries, you may get a lot of space that isn’t utilised around or above the books. With Spur-type Shelving, you can move the shelving up and down to match the height of the items being stowed and maximise storage with multiple rows.

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Why should architects @ contractors consider Adjustable (Spur-type) Shelving?

It can be installed almost anywhere there’s an adequate wall surface. No matter how wide or small a room, this storage solution can be designed to fit in and leave the potential for more storage on different levels. From a design perspective, this allows architects to create more from the space they have in a room as Spur-type Shelving can work around other fittings.

The functionality of Spur-type Shelving doesn’t hinder its aesthetic either. This shelving is seen as modern and clean as it does not clutter the walls and is commonly finished in a smooth white.

Conveniently, as it doesn’t consist of large units, it’s also very simple to transport and doesn’t require a large labour force to fit. In fact, in terms of ease of installation, Spur-type Shelving is one of the simplest and quickest storage solutions to install.

Installing Adjustable (Spur-type) Shelving does require levelling and specific measurements for the uprights, but the overall shelving solution is fitted with just a few fixings, reducing fitting time and cost.

How can Benchmark fulfil your shelving requirements?

At Benchmark Products, we are dedicated to providing a personal, direct and honest service. Function, comfort and integration are the heart of our design. Our goal is to efficiently maximise the use of available space. Working closely with you, the client, we aim to deliver practical solutions to your storage and furniture needs, within your time-scale and budget.

By working alongside you and getting involved with the requirements of your project, we can give you the right solutions to meet your timescales, budgets and design needs. Not to mention all of our storage solutions, including our Spur Shelving, is made in our own UK factory to reduce lead times.

If you want to become one of our many clients already experiencing the benefits of Adjustable (Spur-type) Shelving, then contact our Benchmark team today on 01953 889 603 or email enquiries@benchmarkproducts.co.uk

This article was written by Dean Fryer, Estimator at Benchmark FF&E Solutions since 2012.


Passionate about the collaboration between sub-contractors on-site and a demonstrated history in assisting building contractors and architects with producing comprehensive and definitive schedules at pre-tender and pre-contract stage, Dean is an invaluable asset to Benchmark Products and contributes towards the end goal of perfect delivery every time.