Motivational space.

The importance of reading for children should never be underestimated. Reading for enjoyment can benefit a child’s educational, social, cognitive development and also support their mental health and wellbeing. Access to books provides children with great opportunities for growth and reading can become a lifelong habit for relaxation, entertainment and learning.

Schools are playing a pivotal role in encouraging the children of today to commit to this essential skill. From comfortable seating to school library shelving, our library furniture will transform your space into a motivational and supportive environment with all the school furniture solutions needed to encourage students to develop and learn. Features

  • Book carousels.
  • Fixed and Free-standing shelving modules.
  • Flat and ‘Tilt’ shelf options in the same unit.
  • Curved modules.
  • Upholstered seating clusters.
  • Upholstered stools.
  • Range of teaching tables.

From school library seating to shelving, Benchmark can help you with all the designing and installation of your new library.